Waiting For Me

a film by Glendalina Ziemba

A woman dreams of love and inner peace… and through prayer and help from her imaginary friends becomes the woman she is to be.

  • Production Date: August 2020
  • Film Length: 12 min 2 sec
  • Produced By: Ogon Arts Films
  • Written & Directed By: Glendalina Ziemba
  • Music Written & Performed by: Glendalina Ziemba
  • Format: Color / Digital (HD, DCP)
  • ©2020 Ogon Arts LLC


  • Ramona Ogonczyk as Lady
  • Diane as Diane
  • Karen Kate Nichols as Candi Wallerman
  • Lloyd Nichols as Guy Bertrand
  • Harrison Edwards as Benjamin

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